Mission Statement

To assist our clients in the discovery and implementation of their optimal performance.  We help them achieve their vision of long term sustainable wealth, health and abundance.

About Us

The Center for Peak Performance is a leading edge company whose focus is on creating optimal performance for executives, entrepreneurs, corporations, athletes and others.  Our unique niche is Level 3 Mentorship.  Level 3 Mentorship is the final step in creating optimal performance; where neuroscience meets business, and the behaviors and habits of creating sustainable success become a permanent habit and outcome.  We specialize in rapid, accelerated transformation whether the target is business growth or profitability.  Center for Peak Performance is one of the few key mentors providing Level 3 training throughout the US.


Dr. John Okeefe founded the Center for Peak Performance in 1996.  He holds a PhD and MBA, is a successful author, television and radio host.