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Seminars and Workshops 


The Center for Peak Performance provides seminars and workshops to enhance your organization’s performance.  We provide captivating and inspirational formats for all group sizes.  We tap into and enhance your audiences’ inner strengths, while unlocking true potential.  The Center for Peak Performance will provide customized solutions, so call us today.




​​​The Neuroscience of Leadership:  How to Train your Brain to Create Sustainable Success


With advances in applied Neuroscience, you can now tap into the extraordinary power of your brain and create the right decisions, habits and actions to achieve accelerated, optimal performance.

  • Understand, direct and empower your brain to deal with growth change and achieve optimal performance

  • Connectivity, empower your ability to connect rapidly to your clients or colleagues

  • Deepen your understanding of key business disciplines and equip yourself to contribute substantially to strategic decision-making

  • Explore theory-driven knowledge and concrete strategies across all functional areas, enabling you to put new ideas into action immediately

  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness to maximize your personal leadership style and value to your organization

Behavioral Finance:  Learn how and why clients make their buying or investment decisions


How to connect to your top target clients and create long term relationships:

  • Make a lasting connection that can create a mutually beneficial outcome

  • Techniques to connect quickly with your clients

  • How to understand their decision making process

  • Understanding the six blocks that may be keeping your clients from buying

  • 5 reasons why clients buy any thing





The 4 Steps to Achieving your Desired Outcomes


Organizations and people who are consistently successful are not using magic there is a science to success. We teach you how to be successful in a methodical manner on purpose.  A step by step proven blueprint to creating and achieving successful results.

Phase 1 Concept: The foundation

Phase 2 Connectivity:Empowering your success

Phase 3 Transmutation and Achievement of your goal

Phase 4 Interactive Participation





How to Reinvent Yourself or Business and Win!


The reality is people and business are constantly reinventing themselves whether they are aware of it.  We teach you to beware of it and benefit from it. In today’s world, reinvention is needed to stay competitive.

1. Change Happens - 3 steps to making change work for you

2. Design the change on purpose.

3. Interactive participation.





Train your Brain for Success


Your brain works exactly like a computer so you need to know how to format your inner software and hard drive to consistently download success as you define it. You will learn:

  • How to create automatic successful habits

  • Use advanced techniques to attract the business and clients you desire

  • Guided imagery for business people

  • Hardwire your mind for success

  • What successful people do to get that way





How to Create Loyal Customers for Life


There are specific reasons why people buy the things they do whether they know it or not.  When you know how to connect to your customers with a mind and heart of service you can create some great relationships….and its all about relationships! You will learn:

  • 5 key reasons people buy anything

  • The key difference between success and failure

  • 3 keys to creating success rapidly

  • Learn how to connect to your client rapidly





How to surf the waves of change and enjoy the ride to Success


Cowabunga Dude! OK, I just had to say that. The fact is change can either block or create successful momentum so learn how to make change work for you! Then it will be surfs up all the way to the bank!  You will learn:

  • 7 secrets you need to know to change successfully

  • How to change your negative concept of change and make it work for you

  • Learn how to adapt to change

  • How to create a pathway for realizations of your goals





Young executives and behavioral finance: How to manage your relationship to money and its flow to you.


The fact is, what you think about money and how you perceive it will effect how financially successful you or your company will be. Learn how to make money for you:

  • The Art and Science of money

  • How money is really made

  • 3 steps that must be done to make money

  • Key secret steps to unlimited revenue

  • Connecting secrets for developing rapid rapport with clients, colleagues and others





What the Hell are you waiting for? 21 Days to Wealth, Health and Abundance.


Learn how success is achieved and start living the life you desire now! You will learn:

  • 3 steps to create success rapidly

  • How to change your business and  life in 21 days

  • 3 key laws of business success

  • 10 keys to make money immediately

  • The power of affirmations and how to use them





The Art of Listening


If you learn to listen your clients and colleagues, they will tell you everything you need to know to be successful.  You will learn:

  • Why listening is so key to success and why most business people don’t listen effectively

  • How listening can create better relationships

  • 3 key elements of successful listening

  • How to sell more and create better relationships by listening better




The Art of Achievement


The reason people achieve things and how they do it are many.  Learn the secret to unlocking your achievement and the door to success will open for you.

  • 10 key characteristics of the world’s most successful people

  • Learn how to apply and implement the10 key characteristics into your daily life

  • Learn to design your life for success





The Art of Abundance


The old “Midas touch” is not magic, there is an art and science to creating abundance. When you understand that art and science, your life will thrive!  You will learn:

  • 10 secrets you need to know to be successful rapidly

  • How to change your negative thinking

  • Learning the 12 laws of success your competitor doesn’t want you to know

  • How to create a pathway for realizations of your dreams

  • Affirmations-Why they are vital to success