This Powerful Text book is a book and a work book combined.In the book Dr. John teaches How and Why Affirmations work and how you can make your affirmations work go get you what you desire on purpose consistently and rapidly. 

He will reveal how the subconscious mind works with affirmations to achieve results.

It includes 365 daily affirmations, each with its own work book page to help you activate the affirmation rapidly.

Dr. John OKeefe is a Breakthrough Specialist who brings a practical approach to his Peak Performance training for Entrepreneurs, Salespeople, Celebrities, Athletes and others.

John works with his clients to eliminate self-limiting behaviors that block their success. 

He helps them achieve their goals by "Getting out of their own way" and helps them implement successful, and good habits which eliminate negative habits.

He is an expert in rapid transformation, and the subconscious mind.

Dr. John OKeefe works with individuals in private sessions as well as groups

THRIVE IN 365, Abundance Affirmations That Really